4 Easy Low-to-No Prep Outdoor Activities for Kids this Fall

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Running out of ideas to keep your kids preoccupied and busy? Don’t panic. Keeping their imagination running can be easier than you think. And the best part? None of it involves turning on the electronic device. Kick your feet up, take the back seat with these 4 activities and let your kids’ creativity take the lead.


Collect and Paint Rocks

 kids painting activities

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You’ll be surprised at how competitive your little ones will get trying to search for the biggest, brightest, smoothest rock out there. Making it a friendly little competition just hunting for various texture and sizes of rocks will take up quite a bit of time.

Once they’ve gathered enough, set out some paint and brushes for them to channel their inner-Picasso. Painting outdoors sure beats accidentally painting on your beautiful bedroom walls.


Paint with Leaves

 Painting leaves

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If you’ve got big trees in your yard that are in the process of falling, no problem! Get those little hands to help. Those leaves will get a head start going into Fall with a little help from your kids. Like rocks, they can get creative painting on leaves. Or better yet, they can substitute paint brushes with leaves.

What kind of drawings do you think they’ll feel proud about hanging up on their bedroom wall? You may even want to host a little museum exhibit or gallery a la casa and make an event out of it with passed hors d' oeuvres during dinner time! It’s a great excuse to get dressed up for the occasion, even if it is indoors.


Nature Scavenger Hunt

Paint scavenger hunt

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Get your kids to become more inquisitive and exercise their minds with a little hunt and gather game. They can practice their cooperation and collaboration skills by working together or you can make it a friendly sibling competition. Grab paper and some crayons. Have them start brainstorming ideas of what they may hypothetically find in nature. Then have your kids run out to the yard to search for it.

Want to make it even easier for the youngest of the bunch? Get your young ones to color in squares on a piece of paper. Then have them run outside to find things that match the color in each squared box. Older kids need a bit of a challenge? Try pairing a color with something in nature:

  • Find a yellow rock.
  • Find a red leaf.
  • Find a blue flower petal.


Create a Nature Masterpiece

 Kids nature artwork

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How imaginative do you think your kids can get if they’re left to use the backyard as their art playground? This is a fantastic hands-on activity that will drive them to search in parts of the yard you didn’t even know existed! All for the sake of finding the latest and greatest for their one-of-a-kind art piece, glue and paper are all you’ll need.

That’s odd. No screaming? Are you hearing right? Yes, that is indeed the sound of laughter and joy filling your ears. Why add more stress on yourself? Give yourself a little break for the next few afternoons, sit back grab a book. You deserve it!

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