4 Key Factors First Time Outdoor Furniture Buyers Should Consider

1. Weather and Maintenance 

Weather and Environment

When it comes to selecting outdoor furniture, not only is it important to consider an optimal layout for your living space, but it is equally important, if not more, to consider the climate and weather. Certain materials fare well in all weather conditions, whereas others may need extra attention or care to last through harsher weather conditions. 

Furniture pieces may work well now during the summertime, but how will it do during off-seasons with high winds or rain? Look at manufacturer’s specifications whether the pieces you’re considering are rust-, rain-, sun-, wind-resistant. Factor in climate and weather conditions when selecting the appropriate metal finishes and wood type for your outdoor furniture.


How much effort are you willing to put into maintaining your patio furniture? If you’re more practical or limited on time, you’ll want to focus on furnishing your patio space with low-maintenance pieces that don’t require frequent or consistent cleaning and frames that are scratch- or rust-resistant with no polishing effort.

If you appreciate the fine details of wood grains and patterns and don’t mind spending that extra bit of time, you’ll be able to enjoy a wider range of materials. Some outdoor furniture enthusiasts find it therapeutic to routinely apply layers of wood sealant or oiling down wood furniture. It is crucial to consider how much time you can allocate to caring for your furniture. 


2. Scaling Physical Space and Flow

Smaller Patio Spaces 

Smaller spaces do not mean you are limited in your choices. When working with cozy-sized patios, opt for smart pieces that will maximize your outdoor purposes whether it be to take pleasure in a casual drink outside or have an open-air dinner in the evening. 

Find a compact table that will accommodate two to four chairs. You can select sleek or cozy individual patio chairs and pair them with an item that functions as an accent decorative piece, as well as, a table. Alternatively, declutter areas with limited space by opting for smart seating arrangements, like our Puglia Outdoor Bar Height collection, which allows for the seats to be pushed in when not in use. 

Larger Patio Spaces

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With larger spaces, it’s important to consider where you want to spend most of your time. Take a step back and visually map out the outdoor space you have to work with and decide on a focal point. Is it by the pool, under a pergola, or situated beneath a large shady tree? Get creative with color, fabric, material combinations, and layouts that will complement and highlight that particular focal point. 

For those who like to mix it up, opt for versatile pieces that are durable, yet transportable, which will allow you to easily arrange different layouts for every occasion. We love the idea of versatility by being able to create a corner with two sofas, substituting a chair with an ottoman, or creating a circle arrangement with four chairs.

Function & Usage

Do you enjoy hosting, have a large family, or have frequent social gatherings? You’ll want to have enough seating to accommodate most, if not all your guests. You may want to opt for furniture with the ability to expand for larger gatherings or look for resort-style sectionals that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

If your outdoor vibes are mostly laidback by enjoying evening games around the table or lounging under the sun with a refreshing drink in hand, you may want something more comfortable and cozier with side tables. 


3. Budget

Set a realistic budget based on all other factors. Indeed, it is possible to find inexpensive outdoor furniture, but you may come to realize that, despite saving, you’ll be spending more in the long-run by having to replace it. 

Consider your budget as an investment. How long do you want your furniture to last for? Upfront costs may not feel nice in the beginning, but you’ll end up happier knowing the investment paid off years later.


4. Aesthetics

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How do you want to feel when you are spending time outside? Do you gravitate towards a more vintage, rustic style feel? Are you drawn to the idea of creating your outdoor space to feel like you’re on a cozy, beach vacation with lighter wood tones like Eucalyptus? Looking to capture an Asian-inspired Bali escape with relaxing furniture with natural wicker?

Maybe, you’re undecided. Choose key pieces of furniture that will allow you the freedom to change from an evening appeal with a fireplace or fire pit to a relaxing ambiance with a water feature. 

Discover different fabric patterns, mix and match wood with metals, and change your furniture layouts and positions. Most importantly, have fun with choosing furniture styles that best fit your family’s needs.

-Zody from Essen

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