5 Ways To Hack Your Mornings

Not to state the obvious, but life is hard.  Even harder when you are trying to balance between a full-time job, two children, and their afterschool activities.  Make it easier on yourself with these time-saving hacks.

1. The Night Before: Prep Ahead
We can all agree: Mornings are crazy.  You wake up, and your head is not even in the morning mood.  Trying to wake the little ones and get them out of bed while looking at the clock.  Getting ready in the morning becomes exhausting for me.  I asked myself what I can do to make me happier while dealing with this.  I want to be a happy mom as much as possible, not the grumpy mom as I am now.
- Outfits: The night before, I will pick what I want to wear, hang them together on the hanger. 
- School lunch: I prepare lunch in the evening, so in the morning, I will quickly heat up and put in the Thermos lunch container for them.  (You will be super lucky if your kids like to have school lunch, it will save you so much time.) 

2. Morning Time: SPF Moisturizer  
During a short amount of time, if I have to pick one product for the morning, I would go with my EltaMD UV Daily Broad-Spectrum SPF 40 Moisturizer.  For me, doing at least one step, better than nothing.  You can choose any daily moisturizer with an SPF of at least 30.  That way, your skin won't dry out, plus you'll protect it from harmful UV light, which can be just as damaging on cloudy days.  You get two jobs done at once.  When your routine is under control, you can always slowly build up more skincare steps as you prefer. 

3. Color lip balm: My lifesaver
A few years ago, when I discovered the Dior Lip Glow, cannot live without it ever since. I bought two. I put one in the bathroom vanity for regular use and one in my jacket pocket for the forgetful day use.  When I am running late, I will quickly use it while I am walking to the subway or in a cab.  Your lips will have a little pop color of a lipstick but not over the top and stay moisturized all day. 

4. Time To Go: Quick Checklist
I hate the feeling when I am almost halfway to my destination and forget something like wallet or phone.  Not a great feeling to start my day for me.  It's easy to miss when you're rushing around.  So, before you head out, do a quick pat-down, it takes you 1 minute but it will save you much more.  'Phone? Wallet? Keys? I am good to go.'

5. Walking out: Front Door
On the day that you need to drop a letter, bring art material to your children's school, return books to the library, or bring an umbrella. Hang them at the doorknob or put them at the front doorstep, so you won't forget when walking out cause it is right in front of you. 

Thanks for reading and we hope these tips will be helpful for you.  Please let us know any tips you like. 

- The Essen Team

(Any products mentioned in this post are from our own personal experience that we bought and paid for it. We don't affiliate with these companies.)


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