Care and Maintenance Guide for Natural and Resin Wicker

Loving your new wicker sectional, but worried how it’ll fare all year round? We pride ourselves with an outdoor furniture line that is durable, long-lasting, and certainly easy on the eye. But with a little cleaning and proper care, your wicker furniture will continue to look pristine and extend the life of your outdoor furniture for years. Read on to get personal tips and tricks for natural wicker, resin wicker, and general care to keep your space looking perfect all year long.

Natural Wicker
Homeowners enjoy the traditional aesthetic appeal that natural wicker brings. The furniture style homeowners choose sets the tone of how their outdoor space looks. Natural wicker can create a nice cozy, cottage feel or tropical laid-back vibe to your outdoor space. However, natural wicker can continue to stay in great condition with some proper care techniques.

  • Surface level cleaning – Use a soft-bristle brush or switch on your vacuum to clean out visible areas of dust and dirt. Then wash with soap, water, and ammonia. For every 1 quart warm water, use a few drops mild soap, and a two teaspoons ammonia. Before cleaning, make sure to follow manufacturer guidelines on ventilation from ammonia use.
  • Removing dust in hard to reach areas – For a quick solution, purchase a compressed can of air spray, commonly used to clean electronics, to pressure clean smaller or tricky areas. Of course, for those who enjoy a bit of cleaning and find it therapeutic, a toothbrush and a little bit of elbow grease will work just fine.
  • Removing grime or mildew – If you’re looking to buy a cleaning solution, the trick is to use an oil-base soap that is still mild. For a homemade solution, for every 1-quart warm water, use a few drops mild soap, ¼ cup ammonia, and 2 tablespoons white vinegar. Then wipe down with a clean, damp towel.
  • Use cushions – Comfort is key here. Using cushions will extend the life of your wicker to avoid any direct tension to the wicker.
  • Avoid dryness and hydrate – Use a spray bottle to gently mist wicker about 3 feet away every few weeks.


Resin Wicker

A nice advantage to resin wicker is its general durability to that over natural, it’s less susceptible to water damage, and isn’t prone to dryness of fibers that cause splintering in natural wicker. Many resin-wicker owners prefer not spending an extra amount of time to clean and maintain. Plus, it has nice a nice, modern appeal. However, you’ll want to make sure you’re still cleaning the dust and debris that’s floating in the sky and onto your furniture.

  • Routine cleaning – Use a dry, clean brush to dust off the furniture or opt for a nice hand vacuum to save some time.
  • Garden hose cleaning – Luckily, most resin wicker can withstand the medium strength water pressure from your garden hose. If you’re looking for a quick clean by hosing your furniture down, make sure it’s during a period of time in the day that has the least amount of moisture in the air and has enough drying time. Keep your furniture upright and cover them when they’re completely dry.


General TLC Tips

  • Before cleaning – Plan your cleaning to allow enough time to let the wicker dry completely before putting your furniture covers over.
  • Prevention goes a long way – Regardless of natural or resin wicker, invest in some furniture covers that are all-around weather-resistant from sun and rain damage.
  • Store cushions separately – avoid any bacterial growth due to moisture or discoloration from sun exposure. Plus, it will always be clean and ready to use for future home happy hours!
  • Cushion care – Make sure to read the manufacturer’s guidelines for specific cleaning instructions for your cushions.
  • Purchase a soft bristle brush – the gentle bristles will help you remove any dirt and dust off your furniture without causing any harsh damages to the material from hard bristles
  • Spot clean immediately and frequently – Take the extra 30 seconds to wipe any spills of food or liquid as soon as you see it. Keep a dry, clean cloth nearby.
  • Test cleaning solutions – Your neighbor has wicker cleaning solution that they swear by and insisting you try? Test it out in a less visible area to make sure the cleaning solution is appropriate for your furniture.

By going the extra mile and maintaining your furniture, it’ll be the difference between keeping the wicker sectional you love and adore for a long time versus investing money in a new set of wicker furniture 3 seasons later. The short, but consistent 10 minutes of care you take will keep your wicker furniture looking new and fresh for you to enjoy colder nights by the fire when summer is over!

-Zody from Essen

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