Working On Loungewear

Hello. We are excited to share with you what we have been working on. We have been working on the new women's loungewear from size XS - 5X (0 - 34) using sustainable fabric such as Modal (beechwood fiber.)

Our size: 0 to 34
When we ran the campaign back in November, we got a lot of feedback about offering more sizes. We learned our lessons. Thanks for showing your support and let us know. We always listen to your thoughts because after all, we want to make stuff that you will like.
For small businesses like us, doing size 0 to 34 is not easy, as we need to do everything like double, work with the technical designer who has experience in plus size. We need to make a sample dress in 2 sizes, hiring two models to fit in two sizes. It is like we are doing two separate collections; this leads to the double cost. It just takes a longer time, requires more investments and commitments. It does not mean it is impossible to do.
We believe every woman should be able to feel good about themselves, regardless of the size. Why don't we only focus and do plus size? Because we want the ladies who come to us to feel treated equally, if her friend can shop this dress in size M, she can also buy that dress in size 3X. We make it simple for ladies to shop, one style with these sizes, no separate plus-size section. She will be able to shop by style, not her size.

Sustainable fabric
We choose Modal fabric because it made from beechwood fiber, biodegradable. It will give your body the luxury silky softness to touch and feel. It also very durable so you can have quality products for multiple wears, last longer, a better choice for the environment. In the future, if we add more fabric selection, it will still need to be sustainable to meet our requirements.

Loungewear is often overlooked since many of us only focus on what we will wear when we go outside. How about look good and feel good so you can enjoy your moment, regardless of who will look at your outfits, you dress for yourself. We design the piece that comfortable, flattering, versatile so you can feel good at home or when doing some errands.

We will keep you updated on our next post. It is going to be a few months until our products ready on our website, so please be patient with us.

Drop us a message to share your thought.
Thank you for your support.

-The Essen Team

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