The Ultimate At-Home S’mores Night Guide

What are we to do when it’s not just the kids who are getting stir crazy, but we are too? With the reliance of technology becoming increasingly difficult to avoid, we’re constantly looking for different ways to slow down and add more family time away from screen. Are you missing those camping nights out by the bonfire, hanging out under the crisp, cool air? We are too, but we’re taking camping home without the frail camp chairs and adding comfort, cozy fun instead.  We’ve crafted the perfect night outside-but-at-home to help you and your family capture an evening under the stars. We’re giving you a guide to our ultimate home campfire s’mores night!

Create Your Outdoor Cloud 9

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Gone were the days where spending time outdoors meant compromising our comfort. You can appreciate the outdoors without having to pull out those uncomfortable camp chairs from the garage. Indulge in outdoor sectionals that are equally gorgeous as they are functional. Elevate the standard outdoor wicker furniture with Essen’s wicker sectional set, which provides a sleek, clean, minimalist look. The added beauty, aside from aesthetics, is how easy it is to wash, maintain, and assemble. 

You can’t have a s’mores night without the perfect seating. Essen’s Polignano line, made from solid steel frame and high-quality resin wicker, has become a household favorite for its durable waterproof and UV resistant features.

Cozy Up

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There really isn’t a bonfire without snuggling up and getting warm when the air starts to cool. Make sure to have several sets of pillows and blankets for the whole family to use when the sun starts to set, and the chilly breeze begins to make its way into the evening. Try using different geometric tribal and plaid patterns in shades like burnt orange or red that will give that nostalgic feeling of being in the backcountry.

Light Up the Night

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Of course, you can’t have s’mores without fire! There’s no need to begin a construction project to achieve this. There are several DIY fire pit ideas that will be fun for the kids to help out with.

  • Rock or brick piling: Make sure to have a gravel base. Then begin to position and build your rocks or bricks in a circle. A good rule of thumb for an above-ground fire pit is about 1 foot tall. 
  • Personal fire pit: Grab those unused plant pots that you’ve been keeping at the corner of your yard and build a safer, less time-consuming alternative for a fire pit. Add charcoal, light them until they turn grey and ashy in color. Set them on the table for the kids 

These ideas are sure to keep the fire lasting all night so that no marshmallow goes unroasted!

Permission to Play with Food

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Playing with your food is permitted and absolutely encouraged! We love a traditional graham cracker, marshmallow and chocolate set-up as much as the next s’mores guru, but this is a great time to take full control of your own s’mores retreat!

  • The graham cracker: you can go traditional or try using other types of cookies like gingersnaps or assemble the sweets inside sugar ice cream cones.
  • The marshmallow: homemade fudge or rich, creamy peanut butter are other popular alternatives or add-ons to use.
  • The chocolate: spice it up with what you’ve got in your pantry. Try adding cinnamon or a bit of chili powder to your chocolate. 

This is one of those times that’ll get the whole family excited. We are outside, after all. There may be no playing with your food at the kitchen table, but when you’re outside rules need apply.

Zody from Essen

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