Essen garments feel good and do good. 

We want you to feel luxurious, without costing the earth. We work to help you feel amazing, whether you’re lounging all day or sleeping all night.


Who says comfort can’t be luxe? 

We carefully craft every piece to evoke that beautiful, lazy Sunday morning feel, any time of any day. We believe comfort is universal, and so is beauty. Not only does every piece come in sizes 0 to 34 – they’re designed to look good. We all deserve to feel like the million bucks we are.  We know size 0 to 34 is not all the sizes for everybody, we hope we can add more sizes in the future. 

Who says comfort can’t be virtuous? 

At Essen, we start from sourcing sustainable, durable, plant-based fabrics like beechwood fiber. We adopt slow fashion principles: quality over quantity, timeless over trendy. Kind on your skin, kind to the earth. 


Before we start production, every piece has to pass the test:

1) Easy on the eyes
2) Easy on your pocket
3) Easy on our conscience
We work hard to create beautiful, timeless, flattering pieces. We also work hard to ensure all stages of the product lifecycle are ethical and adopt a direct-to-consumer model that avoids the crazy markups that plague the fashion industry. 


Giving back is important. 

That’s why we plant a tree for every garment purchased. Our partner Eden Reforestation Projects has planted 265,545,717 trees to date and created 2,655,457 workdays to reduce extreme poverty and restore forests around the world to health. Let’s plant more trees. 


Drop us a note at team@essen.nyc and say hello. Let us know what you care about. We would love to hear from you.

Love, the Essen team