Empowering the creative in you to design the space you’ve always dreamt of.

Your home should be your place of happiness, where you find peace. Happiness is best shared and there’s no place better to share happiness than in your home. We help you create the spaces you love so that no memory at home goes uncaptured.  Because every moment counts.  

Founded in New York City, Essen is a women-owned and led company focused on getting back to the essentials—putting people at the forefront of our business. Because you matter and we care.  By pairing carefully selected and ethically sourced sustainable materials with a modern, clean design, only the best products make the Essen collection  

Minimalist, modern designs with eco-friendly, long-lasting materials at affordable, fair pricing. We’re focused on the direct-to-consumer model.

We’re tying values to our business where it matters, so you can love what you bring into your home. Home is, after all, built with love.